Helios Line Dimming Control (Helios LDC)


Helios Line Dimming Control (Helios LDC) is the hardware and software complex that allows to use a flexible change of lighting power modes (dimming).

  • Individual outdoor light lines control

    Helios LDC controls every phase of power line separately so that there can be 3 individually controlled outdoor light lines.

  • Control the light intensity of each outdoor light line

    Nowadays, dimming line is a way to reduce (but not switch off) lighting in non-crucial hours (e.g. the middle of the night), thus lowering electricity use still providing a recommended level of light.

  • Full remote lighting management

    Remotely managing and controlling of each light line from internet-connected computer can reduce the maintenance costs and ease the management.

  • Precise lighting schedule

    Flexible adjustment enables programmed scheduling (annual, season, solar calendar) of dimming levels for each light line and allows to lower electricity consumption while increasing overall light efficiency.

  • Fast fault detection

    Alerts on power fluctuation or other critical electricity-related events are received more quickly helping to provide the higher outdoor lighting quality.

  • Reports generation

    Successful management of outdoor lighting is achieved through the graphical representation of energy consumption.

  • Work tracking and inventory

    Tracking materials, objects and activities makes taking inventory ten times easier and saves a lot of time.

  • Energy accounting

    Remotely readable light line, lamp current and energy meter measurements make the job easier and reduce maintenance costs.

How it works


  1. The user connects to the Helios software using a common web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and others.
  2. User commands (e.g., setting new lighting level) are transmitted to Helios dimmer cabinet through GSM-data transfer method.
  3. Helios dimmer cabinet executes the given user commands (sets new light level) by changing of lighting power modes for a selected light line. Helios dimmer cabinet sends reports on:
    • —Āonsumed energy,
    • meter measurement,
    • cabinet door opening,
    • power decrease, etc.