Helios LED lamps control device


The NEMA Series Lamp Control Unit is designed for addressable and group control of lamps, including dimming and status information. It is designed for use with lamps with a NEMA 7-pin connector (ANSI C136.41).


  • measurement of instantaneous and RMS values of currents and voltages, active and reactive load powers,
  • accumulation of readings and event data,
  • data transmission via GSM/PLC/radio wireless communication (Lora/LoRaWAN/NB-IoT, etc.).


  • independent control lamp on/off control,
  • customizable adaptive control of lighting on/off depending on the status of each individual light,
  • obtaining values of consumption, active/reactiv power, voltage, currents, cos φ for each lamp,
  • uninterrupted operation even in the absence of communication with the central server,
  • configuration/testing/changing of device operation modes without disassembly,
  • extension of options for control customization by connecting motion/presence/intensity sensors,
  • reliable protection of the device against any precipitation,
  • warning of damage to the lantern support,
  • automatic mapping of the luminaire layout on the map.