All-Russian conference on street and architectural lighting Citilight

On October 6-8, 2021 in Moscow took place all-Russian conference on street and architectural lighting Citilight.

The following issues were discussed in the round table format:

  • Organizational models of street lighting modernization
  • Lighting of public spaces
  • Innovative equipment from Russian manufacturers for street, park, architectural, and holiday lighting: quality control, performance improvement
  • Lighting as a factor of tourist and image attractiveness of the city. Modern trends in the organization of lighting space
  • Outdoor lighting management. Integration of lighting control into the “smart city” system.

The staff of IVTBelSU took part in the conference Citylight. It allowed to adopt the experience and advanced industry knowledge of specialists from all over Russia. Based on the results of the conference, the company updated and supplemented the methods and technologies used to solve the tasks of its clients.