New Zealand’s smart street lighting

The administration of the city of Dunedin (New Zealand) plans to modernize the outdoor lighting network. At the moment, the city is illuminated by 15,000 lanterns with HPS, whose service life is expiring. The project assumes the replacement of obsolete light sources with energy-saving LED. In addition, after the upgrade, a wireless control system will be connected to the Dunedin street lighting network. The expected duration of the work is from 18 to 24 months.

The implementation of energy-efficient measures will create a single network of intelligent lighting, providing control of illumination anywhere in the city. The possibility of automatic registration of faults will increase the efficiency of maintenance, which will also reduce the cost of operating lighting equipment. In addition, sensors that are used by digital smart city-based applications can later be installed on lamp posts.

The main participant of the project financing is the New Zealand Transportation Agency. It is noted that the modernization of lighting in Dunedin is consistent with the overall strategy for the development of urban infrastructure in the state, focused on creating a safe and cost-effective urban environment.