Intellectual LED lights in the smart city system

smart-city-street-lightsModern energy efficient lighting system is an important part of the infrastructure of a smart city. Since, the various sensors and other smart city-based applications install on the street lights when the outdoor lighting network upgrading. This approach is implemented during energy efficiency measures in many cities around the world.

In the US, for example, projects in San Jose and Chicago can be noted. In California, the project is aimed at the digital transformation of urban infrastructure, in which the modernization of street lighting occupies one of the key places. Currently, San Jose has 670 controllers and 550 LED lights, as well as about 100 Wi-Fi routers on lantern supports. Approximately the cost of work is $ 1 million.

A large-scale project in Chicago involves the installation of 140,000 intelligent street lamps, of which about 40,000 devices should be installed by August. The program covers the modernization of outdoor lighting in several large areas of the city.

Both projects should reduce electricity consumption and improve lighting efficiency. Also of particular importance is the further development of systems.

Another interesting project is being implemented in Germany. In the commune of Maxdorf tested new street lights, developed by researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Innovative technology has reduced energy consumption, with the existing level of savings, another 20%. Another important indicator of the effectiveness of the solution is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

The presented projects demonstrate positive results of modernization of street lighting networks both for public needs and for the environment.