Russian Energy Week 2018: «Sustainable Energy for a Changing World»

Russian Energy Week International Forum (REW) was held in Moscow on October 3-6. REW is one of the largest in terms of the number of participants in forums held in Russia on the fuel and energy sector, energy efficiency and international cooperation in the energy sector.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin spoke at a plenary meeting held on October 3 in the framework of the REW. In his speech, the president confirmed that Russia is one of the largest players in the global energy market. “It is extremely important for us to feel the trends of the global energy industry in order to effectively realize our competitive advantages and together with other countries to form a common energy space and a common energy future,” the president assured.

V. Putin also noted that by 2040 the world’s electricity consumption will double, and the demand for primary energy – oil, gas and coal – will increase by 30%. According to the president, “such trends open up opportunities for increasing exports of both electricity itself and its production technologies.”